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Top 5 things to do near Devon Cliffs and on park

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Emma Edmunds, Head of Experience at Devon Cliffs, talks through the five best things to do whilst on holiday at the Devon holiday park, from high-octane new activities to tasty new dining.

Having worked at Haven for several years across a variety of roles and sites, Emma is enjoying working back at Devon Cliffs, close to where she grew up. 

1. Grab a bite to eat

1. Grab a bite to eat

We got Slim Chickens recently, and I love a bit of Slim Chickens! You can’t beat it. There’s lots of choice in the new restaurant and most of the team go there for lunch.

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I think definitely going to our South Beach café, too, whether it’s just for a drink or for food. Sitting on the terrace and looking over the beach on an evening with like a glass of wine is just so picturesque. You could be literally anywhere in the world. It’s really lovely. 

2. Explore the Jurassic Coast and Exe Estuary

2. Explore the Jurassic Coast and Exe Estuary
Exmouth: an excellent day out

We are situated along the Jurassic Coast which is a great walking area that stretches both ways along to Exmouth or along to Budleigh. It’s a really lovely walk with really picturesque views, you see a lot of different towns as well.  

There’s an open top bus that takes you back across the beach and there are some great views and back onto park. That’s something that I’d always recommend. You can also catch the train and it’s a really picturesque train ride into Exeter because it’s along the Exe Estuary, so you just see a bit of everything.

3. Take to the sky on the Aerial Adventure

3. Take to the sky on the Aerial Adventure

We’ve got some great activities, the Aerial Adventure is one that’s very popular. It takes you all through the trees and our nature area. Everyone always comments on our sports and leisure team as well because they’ll guide you round the course and they’re just really great. 

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4. Brave The Jump

4. Brave The Jump

We’ve also got the Jump which has been really popular (similar facility shown). I’ve done it and it’s quite fun. And it’s over quickly. So if you don’t like heights it’s actually fine!  

We’ve had guests go on it, owners go on it, sometimes if the guys on sports and leisure have a slot free the team will go on it! It's been really popular and it’s quite entertaining to watch. 

5. Visit some family attractions

If you’ve got kids there’s lots of stuff to do in the local area. You’ve got Bicton Park botanical gardens which is really pretty and has a kids’ play area. 

And there’s World of Country Life which is right outside our park. It’s like a farm with kids’play areas and animal petting and they’ve got cafes too. Our owners actually get a discount off there as well we work very closely with them. They’ve got museums of trains and cars and things it’s a really great place to go with the family.

What do you love about Devon Cliffs?

What do you love about Devon Cliffs?
You’ll be a matter of steps from an award-winning Blue Flag Beach. There are secluded coves, colossal cliffs and a heavenly horizon amongst many things you’ll enjoy!

I love the team, I love the area, and the best thing about Devon Cliffs? Well the clue’s in the name. Thanks to the cliffs, wherever you are on park there’s some form of view you’ve got, whether it’s into Exmouth or the sea. If you sit down at South Beach on a nice day you could literally be anywhere. 

We are very proud to be working at Devon Cliffs and to be living where we are, so always ask the team if you need advice, because they want you to have a good time whilst you’re here as well.

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