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Top 5 things to do near Craig Tara and on park

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Jeanette Moules-Menzies is Head of Experience at Craig Tara Holiday Park in Ayr, Scotland. One of the largest parks in the Haven family, it’s bursting with exciting activities and facilities, with plenty to see in the local area too, so Jeanette talked us through the top five things she’d recommend ticking off when you next visit Craig Tara.

1. Try out the zip line and Adventure Village

We have an outdoor zip line and it's amazing! When you're walking to the swimming pool you have people flying through the air above your head! It's absolutely great! I love it - I've done it myself and some of my team have done it too. It can record you as you're doing it too and there's a QR code that you scan and then you can actually see yourself doing it. It's really popular!

Over in our Adventure Village we have Aerial Adventure high ropes and the Mini Aerial Adventure low ropes for the toddlers. It's my favourite bit of the park actually. You've got climbing walls in there and you've got crazy golf which is fantastic as well, there’s so much to do!

2. Make a Bear and other creative activities

2. Make a Bear and other creative activities
Create and customise your perfect bear

The Adventure Village is also where all your creative stuff is, you've got your Pottery Creations, slime-making, we've got an interactive sand pit as well which is brilliant. It's electronic and you can build volcanoes and things like that with your hands - it's great! We're spoilt here.

Make a Bear is there too, it's just really cute seeing all the wee kids in there. They get to choose which bear they want and it gets put in a box to take away with them. Super cute!

3. Splash about in our amazing swimming pool

3. Splash about in our amazing swimming pool
There's spills and thrills during a swim at Splashaway Bay.

Our Splashaway Bay swimming pool complex is fantastic and it's multi-level. We got a new flume in 2022 and you can press a button and activate these lights as you go down it. We've had another flume installed for 2023 which looks really cool. Parts of it are just see-through perspex so when you're looking at it, you'll see people just flying through the flume which'll be really good!

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We've got a lazy river as well! The swimming pool's fantastic and is a massive wow factor for the park.

4. Visit Heads of Ayr Farm Park

4. Visit Heads of Ayr Farm Park

Heads of Ayr Farm Park is right next door to us so it's within walking distance if any of our guests wanted to go. It's brilliant and it's open most of the year. You could spend a full day there. It's got water activities like pedalos, it's got go karts, you can feed animals, go on donkey rides and it's got a big indoor play area as well with massive slides.

5. Take a scenic drive to Culzean Castle

5. Take a scenic drive to Culzean Castle
Culzean Castle: coastal grandeur with lush gardens

If you come out of the park and take a right you can go on the most beautiful coastal drive and it'll take you through to Culzean Castle. Culzean Castle is amazing. They've got a big swan pond, there's a massive outdoor park, and what's really good for the wee ones again is you can actually go into the castle, do a tour, and in every room they've got a Lego man that they've hidden - so you can get a sheet and your wee ones have to find a Lego man in each room. It's just beautiful, really lovely.

What do you love about Craig Tara?

The amount of things to do. We're like a town, not even a village, and we just keep expanding too. There's just so, so much.

We are right on the beautiful Ayrshire coast with breath taking views of Arran and right over the coast. At the top of the park you can see the full of Ayr, it's beautiful.

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