Bay views at Berwick

Top 5 things to do near Berwick-upon-Tweed and on park

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Gareth Ward, General Manager at Berwick-upon-Tweed Holiday Park in Northumberland explains the best things to do in and around the park, and what he loves about Berwick-upon-Tweed (– and it’s not just the fact they recently beat neighbouring Haven park Haggerston Castle 8-1 in a game of football!)

1. Explore the beautiful beaches

1. Explore the beautiful beaches
Berwick sits on a stunning and sloping clifftop location, giving guests one of the best sea views in the UK

The park is right by the beach and there are sand dunes, so it’s glorious. Wherever you’re sat on park all you see is the dunes, which is just glorious in terms of the walks and the views the caravans have - just stunning.  

The beach at the foot of the park originally had two bathing ponds where most of the locals learned to swim. And when the tide’s out you can still see the footprint of the pool. Also down there there’s caves, you need to check when the tide is in, but you can go in the caves, it’s quite interesting.

2. Get outdoors with the longest-serving Park Ranger

2. Get outdoors with the longest-serving Park Ranger

We have the longest-serving Haven park ranger, Brian, and he’s just fantastic. He just lights you up when you see him walking about park, and he’s just brilliant with the kids.  

He heads up a range of activities, and with being on the beach, all the natural outdoor things are very very natural. We’ve also got bungee trampolines, archery, karts, so there’s a bit to do while on park.

3. Eat, play and relax in the indoor complex

3. Eat, play and relax in the indoor complex

The good thing about Berwick is all the facilities are together - it’s all in the same complex so you’re not going out and in if the weather’s not great. And you’ve got Papa Johns, you’ve got Cook’s, you’ve got the family arcade, the ShowBar and Brigs of Tweed, our restaurant. And you can see the swimming pool from the restaurant, so it’s great for people to watch their kids having fun. 

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4. Take a stroll, or several!

4. Take a stroll, or several!
Beautiful Berwick-upon-Tweed

We’re walkable to the town, it takes about 10 minutes, so you can walk into town for all your main retailers. And we’re surrounded by a golf course that spans outside of the park, so there are some really good walks round and about as well. 

People are often surprised at just the amount of walks, and there’s something for every fitness level.

5. Explore Northumberland and even Scotland

5. Explore Northumberland and even Scotland

We’re also about five minutes to the train station, and Edinburgh is 45 minutes from here by train, so it’s really handy to get into Edinburgh and Newcastle on the railway. A lot of people come and base themselves here and then get off out and about.  

Not far away there’s also Bamburgh Castle and Alnwick Castle, which are quite well known visitor attractions. And there's a place called Paxton House, it’s a big sort of family day out, gardens, wildlife, play park, activities, dressing up for the kids and all that good stuff.

What do you love about Berwick-upon-Tweed?

I think Berwick’s a bit of a hidden gem. As you come in it just becomes more relaxed and it just feels like a nice, safe environment with lovely views, and hopefully we give that good experience as well. I think you’d come here and be pleasantly surprised. 

And just the communication, it’s just great to engage with people and I just love talking to people and seeing what their holidays are all about.

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