Children and their families enjoy the multi-sport Activitots sessions guided by Haven't activity leaders

Good sport! Check out new Activitots classes coming at Haven parks

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We’re always looking for new ways to keep the kids entertained during their Haven breaks, and the latest addition to our activities line-up might even see them coming away with new friends, and new skills, too.

Now rolled out across 36 of our parks, Activitots has been created by three Essex-based sisters, Sally, Sarah and Sophie, who have taken the very best elements of their kids’ sports programme to create six bespoke activities just for Haven holidaymakers and owners.

Featuring five ‘tots’ sessions for little ones aged 2-4 alongside a parent or guardian, and three ‘kids’ sessions for kids aged 5-10, the classes are bursting with brilliant games, bright, interactive equipment, and a healthy dose of fun.

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Coming from a sporty family, the Activitots founders have combined their skills to bring their passion for getting kids active into a franchise that’s been running locally for the past five years.

We come from a family of sports where we’ve played hockey, netball, rounders, athletics… you name a sport, we’ve played it. And we wanted our children to experience that variety of sports but from a young age,” says Sophie, the youngest sibling. “We want the children to find their passion.”

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Middle sister Sarah is the face of the business in Essex, and is busy training up the brilliant activity leaders across Haven’s parks to teach them the Activitots way.

She says: “I’ve always just loved helping children, getting them moving and helping them from a young age to find different things that they like to do.”

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Learning about bat and ball sports

The Haven sessions are designed to optimise physical activity and maximise fun.

“We want to create memories of family holidays, together,” says Sophie. “We take pride in sourcing all of our equipment, we want the brightest, the most engaging, the most colourful. We want the kids and adults to walk in and say ‘oh wow I want to play with that’.”

The five tots sessions will include:

  • New for 2024: Athletics - little ones will throw, catch, jump and balance

  • New for 2024: Mini Sports - including mini fencing, mini archery as well as other fun, active games

  • Ball Sports – covering football, rugby and basketball

  • Bat and Ball Sports – including hockey, cricket and tennis

  • Balance and Coordination Skills – featuring a range of equipment to test their skills

Each session will start with a warm-up, and will include group games, activity stations and the chance to try out all of the equipment.

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Kids love dodgeball!

The kids sessions will include:

  • Dodgeball - a team game that will sharpen throwing skills

  • Playground Games - featuring the most popular team games

  • Obstacle Course and Relay Races - run, jump, hop and balance in this fun session

We expect sessions to book up quickly, so secure your place in advance if you’d like to give Activitots a go.

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As sisters, the Activitots founders are very close, and credit their honest relationship with making the sessions a success.

“We have all different personalities and I think the reason we work so well together is that each of us thinks we’ve got the easy job!” – says eldest sister Sally. “It definitely wouldn’t work for everyone, but it really works for us.”

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The Activitots founders, Sally, Sarah and Sophie

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