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Make a splash whatever the weather!

Indoor Pools

Make a splash whatever the weather!

Our fantastic array of indoor pools across our holiday parks offer up some seriously splashtastic fun.

All of our fantastic indoor leisure pools are heated, so if the weather is cold and wet outside, you can look forward to a warm (yet still wet!) swim around our indoor pools.

Our indoor pool features differ by park. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely swim, a serious splash about with the family or perhaps a bit of both, here's our guide to find the Haven indoor pool that’s perfect for you and your family.

Feature Indoor Pools

Perfect for: Splashing about and getting drenched with the kids!

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with the family splashing around, you’ll love our indoor pools that offer quirky and fun water features. Different pools have different fun features - some have more than one.

Primrose Valley is home to an awesome indoor adventure pool with memories that last a lifetime guaranteed!

At Seton Sands, Littlesea and Golden Sands kids will be entertained by the water torrents turned on by the giant taps.

At Thornwick Bay, a giant bucket fills up to the brim before dropping its water onto any unsuspecting swimmers underneath! Multiple mini pool water buckets can be enjoyed at Kiln Park and Berwick. And be on your guard at Lakeland, Hopton and Haggerston Castle from the steams of water that will be sprayed your way by the squirting fish!

Simple Indoor Pools

Perfect for: Slow, leisurely swims and practicing your swimming skills

Several of our indoor pools are free from water-based features such as slides or water buckets, giving our guests the space to stretch out and leisurely swim widths or lengths of the pool. These pools are also perfect for little ones looking for the space to develop their swimming skills.

Find out more about our great holiday parks that offer these pools like Lydstep Beach, The Orchards, Church Farm, Burnham-on-Sea and Quay West.

Outdoor To Indoor Connected Pools

Perfect for: Swimming and splashing about both inside and outside!

Our Riviere Sands and Weymouth Bay parks have connected their outdoor and indoor pools together offering a much bigger space to swim and splash. Riviere Sands (pictured) also has some multi-lane slides by the outdoor pool, perfect for a race against friends and family.