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Our arcades: family fun, guaranteed
An example of a recently renovated arcade
The updated arcade at Greenacres

Our Arcades

Our arcades: family fun, guaranteed

No Great British seaside break is complete without a family trip to the arcade, and ours have plenty of games to keep you all entertained across our parks.

From skill games with tickets to redeem for fab prizes, to Virtual Reality games and of course, those much-loved 2p machines, here’s what to expect when visiting our popular arcades during your break.

New for summer, 2024*: we're refreshing and extending the arcade at Kent Coast, ready to bring you even more fun! *Subject to plans.

Get your virtual reality hit in Seashore's Family Arcade
Nerf games at Rockley Park
Counting up tickets in Orchards Holiday Village arcade

Our games

Expect a range of family fun across our arcades*. We have FunWorks, Oodles and family amusement arcades depending on which park you visit, all of which offer bright and breezy entertainment, with a great mix of nostalgic favourites and new games and activities to discover.

The exact machines available vary by park, but some popular games include:

  • Prize claw machines – try your luck at picking up soft toys and more.

  • Virtual reality games – immerse yourself in the action as you play.

  • 2p and 10p machines – save up your loose change to play, or use one of the arcade’s change machines.

  • Ticket redemption machines – earn tickets as you play to exchange for prizes!

*Subject to availability per park. Arcades are not available at our owners-only parks.

Cashless arcade

Go cashless

A handful of Haven parks now operate cashless arcades, which work a little differently. You’ll need to buy a Playcard from the Playcard Kiosk or Prize Shop, which you top up using machines in the arcade. Register it, and if you happen to lose it, we'll transfer any remaining balance to a replacement card.

To play, you just tap the card on the machine’s card reader, and away you go! And don’t worry, the friendly arcade staff can absolutely help you out if you get a bit stuck. Credit left on the card at the end of your trip can be used on your next visit.

Of course there are still 2p and 10p coin pushers, so the spare change you’ve saved up can still find a home!

The Lucky Ducks prize shop
Dozens of prizes to choose from
Inside the colourful prize shop at Devon Cliffs

Pick your prizes!

Once you’ve amassed armfuls of tickets playing your favourite games, you can count them up on our ticket machines before swapping them for hard-earned prizes. From sweets and souvenirs to toys and teddy bears, there’s plenty to choose from, and you can take your prizes home and remember the brilliant time you had on your Haven break.

Most sites have a kiosk to help choose your prizes, but at selected parks, there’s a walk-in Prize Shop which you can browse at leisure to select your rewards.

New: we've updated the arcades at Skegness and Quay West to include walk-through prize shops.

The popular arcade at Church Farm

Haven or Hideaway

Our arcades are available for you to visit whether you’ve booked a Haven package or a Haven Hideaway holiday.

So if the bright lights and sounds of the amusement centre are calling your name, you’re welcome to visit however you’ve chosen to book your Haven break.

Several Haven arcades are being refurbished over the coming year, find out what else is new at our parks.

You'll find indoor soft play areas available to use at 20 of our parks, and outdoor play areas at all parks - both are free to use whether you're here on a Haven or a Hideaway package.

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