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Beaches in South Wales

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When we think about landscapes, the beaches of South Wales have it all. From bustling promenades to spotless sand in what feels like the middle of nowhere, the list of experiences is endless. 

A trip along the south of the country brings you past the country’s capital and industrial heartlands, with classic seaside towns serving this clientele for decades with no let-up in their popularity. As you head further west, the people become fewer, and the beaches become greater. Coastal roads help around lush surroundings until you finally get to some of the greatest hidden gems the UK has to offer. Find out more about these in this, the quintessential guide to beaches in South Wales.

Looking for the cream of the crop? Check out our list of the best beaches in South Wales.

Beach walks: fresh sea breeze strolls

Beach walks: fresh sea breeze strolls
Abersoch: homely huts line the sand

Not that we’re biased or anything, but our favourite walk along the beaches in South Wales is easily accessible from three of our South Wales holiday parks. If you’re staying at our Lydstep Beach, Penally Court or Kiln Park parks, join the South Wales coastline and stroll into the town of Tenby, a real Pembrokeshire gem that’s become a hotbed of coastal culture, surging in popularity in recent years. The stroll takes you past Tenby Golf Club and onto Tenby’s South Beach, and you’ll see the enchanting St. Catherine’s Island just off the coast, marking your arrival. 

From Quay West, a short hop round New Quay Bay gets you into the town, and if you’re feeling energetic, drive to Aberaeron Beach, jump out the car and walk to picturesque Aberarth, a mile or so journey. Speaking of the car, you can traverse the sands of Three Cliffs Bay.

Beach history: unlocking a secret past

Beach history: unlocking a secret past
Whitesands: a world away from hustle and bustle

The beaches in South Wales are full of history, some of it clear to see, some of it requiring a little more digging. Out on the far western tip of the country, Whitesands Beach became home to many a shipwreck in the past, with the pretty Bishop and Clerk Islands paradoxically marking the point of danger for seafarers. Many old vessels are said to lie beneath this spot around 5km off the coast, with the islands easily visible on a clear day. 

Rhossili Bay’s beauty speaks for itself, but you may be surprised about it being named not only one of Wales’ best beaches, but the world’s by TripAdvisor in its Traveller’s Choice Awards. Dig into the history books and you’ll find recognition decades back, with the hideaway within the UK’s first ever nominated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which came to life in 1956. We promise you; this site is well worth the day out from our South Wales parks. If you fancy something closer to us, check out Tenby’s terrific 12th-century castle. Built by the Normans, it stands tall over the town’s beach, so you can tick two family adventures off in one go. 

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Beach attractions: fresh sea breeze strolls

Beach attractions: fresh sea breeze strolls
Barry Island: you can almost see Gavin and Stacey from here

From Freshwater West Beach to the west of Pembrokeshire has several claims to fame that make it an attraction for all the family. H Older film buffs might spot similarities with Dunkirk Beach in the film of the same name, with Freshwater West often being used as a double for its French counterpart, while Harry Potter aficionados will recognise the beach from Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

That’s not the only beach in South Wales with something to shout about. Head for stretch of south coast near our Lydstep Beach, Penally Court and Kiln Park sites and access all there is to love about Tenby. Inland, check out Carew Castle’s stately grounds, and a bit further afield, Barry Island and Beach is a great laugh for all the family. Here you’ll spot the haunts of Gavin and Stacey with the iconic TV series being famously based in the town. 

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