Dog-friendly beaches near Weymouth

Dog-friendly beaches near Weymouth

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Exploring the best of the beaches near Weymouth is ten times better when your furry friend is at your side, sniffing, wagging, and paddling. Thankfully, many of Dorset's beaches are dog-friendly and ready for you to go and discover. Beach walks with your pup are a fantastic way to bond and keep you both healthy at the same time! 

We've put together our top picks for beaches that welcome dogs with open arms, year-round. Every beach on this list is interesting for both you, your family, and your dog while being a stone’s throw from our LIttlesea, Seaview, and Weymouth Bay holiday parks! Keep reading to discover the best dog-friendly beaches near Weymouth.

1. Ringstead Bay

1. Ringstead Bay

Dogs allowed: all year-round (on leads) 

Overlooked by breathtaking cliffs and rolling farmland, Ringstead Bay is a long, sweeping sand and shingle beach that's ideal for going walkies with your furry friend. From the National Trust car park on the cliffs, there's a one-mile trail leading you down onto the beach which makes for a peaceful walk before you even get onto the sand, with unobstructed views of boats, kite-flyers, and the Isle of Portland. 

Your dog will love sniffing around the pebbles, rocks, and grasses on this unspoilt stretch of beach! It's part of the Jurassic Coast, so keep your eye out for fossils here where they're often found dotted among the sand.

2. Preston Beach

2. Preston Beach

You'll find Preston Beach a little way along from Weymouth, past the Greenhill Gardens and before you reach Bowleaze Cove. This little stretch of shingle beach is dog-friendly and rather quieter than the main beach. That's why the locals love bringing their dogs here year-round. 

It's easy to get here, with designated parking at the beach and a promenade flanking Preston Beach to walk along with your pooch. If you fancy a spot of beach fishing, this area's well known for it, as well as its shallow waters and a reef that comes up quite close to the shore. Ideal for doggy paddles!

3. Smallmouth Bay

Dogs allowed: all year-round 

Tucked away next to the road that joins Portland to Weymouth, you'll find Smallmouth Bay. It's a partially grassy beach with plenty of sand and shingle that gently slopes down to the shallow waters. It's an idyllic spot to go walkies, thanks to its smooth terrain and beautiful view of the Isle of Portland! 

There's a small row of houses overlooking the beach, but long grasses and rocky terrain help hide it away from plain sight for a nice, quiet stroll. Right behind the bay, the Rodwell trail picks up, a trail which follows a disused railway line and has since been paved. Dogs are welcome all along the trail on leads, too. 

Be mindful of the tide times here - at high tide, much of the beach disappears!

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4. Osmington Mills Beach

4. Osmington Mills Beach

Dogs allowed: all year-round

Osmington Mills is famous for its smugglers' roots and the inn that tells many stories about the area's darker past. But it's also home to a beautifully rugged area of beach that's ideal for dog walking! Pooches are welcome all year round to explore the rocky beach terrain and the water's edge. 

To get there, you can take the steps down onto the beach from the car park outside the Smuggler's Inn at the top of the hill, or come off one of the many trails that snake around this area of the county including the South West Coast Path. 

When you've finished rambling over the boulders and tufts of wild grasses, stop off at the Inn for a hearty plate of food - dogs are rewarded with dog biscuits and a refreshing bowl of water!

5. Gore Cove

Your furry friend will love walkies on this hidden pebbly cove. Gore Cove forms part of The Fleet Lagoon, a protected area behind Chesil Beach. Although the water is less inviting for doggy paddles, there are plenty of stones, plants, and little nooks perfect for inquisitive sniffs. The cove overlooks the pretty countryside and buildings dotted around the landscape and is home to lots of varied and rare insects, animals, and plants. 

The South West Coast Path runs right behind the cove so it's easy to stop and enjoy from here. Or pick up the trail after your visit to the beach to extend your dog walk for as long as you like.

6. Hive Beach

6. Hive Beach

Dogs allowed: all year-round in the dog-friendly area, main beach October 1 - May 31

This impressive length of sand and shingle beach sweeps down from the fields and countryside, forming part of the magnificent Jurassic Coast. To get here, there's ample parking toward the entrance of the beach up on the hillside, or stop off along your walk on the South West Coast Path. This well-maintained beach is popular with tourists and locals, and on a clear day, you'll get panoramic views of Dorset and even the Devon coastline from here. 

Water is crystal clear but be careful when taking your dog for a paddle as there can be strong currents. Like many of the beaches in Dorset, Hive Beach is surrounded by grass and greenery that dogs will love to get their nose in! When you're done roaming the beach with your pooch, why not stop off for some food and drink? The Hive Cafe serves up refreshments for you and your pup.

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