Beaches in the North West

Beaches in the North West

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The North West is one of the most populated parts of England, with major cities pretty close to the coast. There’s a wide range of beaches that welcome people from near and far across the region, each with their own characteristics that keep the visitors coming back. 

The North West centres around legends like Blackpool and into places many haven’t heard of. Despite being relatively built up, the region’s coastal reaches outside these cultural conurbations are some of the most unspoilt in the whole country. From the town’s dotted along the Lancashire coastline up to the lush countryside served up by Cumbria, this guide gives you all you need to know to top off your North West stay in style. And remember, you’re never far away from one of our best parks when you head for a stretch of the region’s sand.

Looking for the cream of the crop? Check out our list of the best beaches in the North West.

Beach walks: see the sites

Beach walks: see the sites
Blackpool Tower stands tall over the town

Beautiful Blackpool is the quite rightly the centrepiece of coastal tourism in the North West, and we serve up two terrific places for you to stay around what has to be Britain’s most famous town by the sea. Whether you’re based at Marton Mere or Cala Gran for your Haven holiday, this walk is easily accessed either way and a great stroll for seeing some of the beaches in the North West. 

It takes you along the stretch of coast from Blackpool’s famous promenade north to its sleepier neighbour of Fleetwood. Do as little or as much of the seven-mile route as you please and take in that special breath of fresh air every step of the way.

Beach history: impactful to say the least

Beach history: impactful to say the least
Formby: Beautiful, breezy and vast

The ports and beaches in the North West have made a huge impact on the course of events, not only in terms of England’s history but the world’s too. In 1715 Liverpool became the world’s first ever commercial wet dock, later serving as a key component of the evil transatlantic slave trade in the 18th-century, commemorated today by the International Slavery Museum near the Albert Dock in the city. 

Blackpool has buzzed throughout the decades as a hub of tourism, successfully reinventing itself as a beach destination in the face of international competition. Its tram system is a particularly poignant reminder of a transport mode that used to be the norm throughout the UK but is now very much the exception outside a small renaissance in recent years. 

The Lake District’s relatively uneventful history is its present-day strength. Untouched for centuries, there are only a handful of towns in this mountainous and spectacular area, as well as our Lakeland Holiday Park, undoubtedly one of the most picturesque in the Haven family.

Discover breaks in Blackpool

Indoor pool

Cala Gran, Blackpool

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Marton Mere self catering holidays

Marton Mere, Blackpool

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Beach attractions: get your list ready

Beach attractions: get your list ready

The beaches in the North West aren’t short of things to do for a month-long break by the sea, let alone a weekend or week with us here at Haven! There are several must see places in Blackpool, led by its magnificent tower that (call us bias if you like!) gives the Eiffel Tower in Paris a run for its money. The magnificent piers are places you must check out too, the great thing being there’s something for every generation of the family to get their teeth into, figuratively and literally as this is also one of the best places you could think of some traditional staples of the seaside. 

Drive or hop on your bike in any direction from our Lakeland park and prepare to be amazed, just remember to bring your camera! And when you fancy a day out further afield or on your way back, check out Liverpool or Manchester and remind yourself that are our parks and the beaches in the North West are always in a convenient place for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle. 

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