Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Beaches in Northumberland

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Sitting on the English-Scottish border, Northumberland is a wild, unspoilt county that holds the accolade of being the most unpolluted county in England. This makes it a fantastic place to cleanse the senses and go stargazing. But it’s not only the skies that are beautiful here. The beaches in Northumberland are real natural wonders.

Our two Northumberland holiday parks are both found in unique locations and welcome guests with open arms. Berwick sits by the sea on the border with Scotland while Haggerston is home to an actual castle, but what the two have in common is that they are both within range of some truly excellent beaches. Somewhere from Berwick-upon-Tweed’s sandy shoreline to the remote stony bays of Holy Island, the perfect Northumberland beach is waiting for you. Read our guide and discover more.

Looking for the cream of the crop? Check out our list of the best beaches in Northumberland.

Beach walks: tidal traipses

Beach walks: tidal traipses
Holy Island's mysterious Lindisfarne Priory

Coastal walks unlock a world of adventure in England’s most rural county. Just a stone’s throw from Haggerston Castle is the Holy Island causeway. This road magnificently reveals itself when the high tide subsides. Drive across the marshland to access Holy Island, or Lindisfarne as its historically known, park up and stroll around the untouched greenery off the British mainland. The island has several excellent beaches where you’ll often have the place to yourself.

Further north at Berwick, stroll into the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, England’s most northerly and discover the lovely lighthouse at the confluence with the North Sea. Drive 5 minutes north and jump out to see England’s most northerly point. Stroll across to Scotland and imagine a time where this simple stroll wasn’t so easy.

Beach history: throwback to the Romans

Beach history: throwback to the Romans
Bamburgh: a castle and beach to remember

In terms of British history, you can’t get much more iconic than the site of Hadrian’s Wall, and our holiday park at Berwick is the perfect place to pitch yourself and stay to access this timeless landmark. The now UNESCO World Heritage Site once marked the once intensely fortified boundary between Roman Brittania (now England) and Caledonia (Scotland) that had yet to be under control of the invaders.

Haggerston Castle is a historic place within, with the tower forming part of the park’s bar offering. It’s a key reminder of the structure’s past glory and was first mentioned in recorded history in 1311. For a day out off park, head for Bamburgh Beach and Castle. The village has won several awards in recent years and the accessible fortification stands incredibly tall over the sand.

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Berwick self catering holidays

Berwick, Northumberland

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Haggerston Castle self catering holidays

Haggerston Castle, Northumberland

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Beach attractions: charming Berwick

Beach attractions: charming Berwick
Cocklawburn: a spectacular scene

Berwick has loads of places to eat, a lovely riverside atmosphere and the stellar Spittal Beach just to the south for a more relaxed vibe. All of these amazing attractions are within a short stroll of our holiday park just outside of town.

Near our Haggerston Castle holiday park is Cocklawburn Beach, an unspoilt paradise that puts into perspective just how peaceful the nature of Northumberland can be.

Across the water from Haggerston itself, Holy Island is a great day out with the journey across the Lindisfarne Causeway an adventure in itself for all generations of the family. Make sure you time your journey, so you’re not stuck when tide comes in! Check out the tidal times online before you set off and enjoy.

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