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Caravan Sites & Holidays Parks in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire coastline has some of the UK’s most rugged and charming countryside, from tiny fishing villages clinging to rocky cliffs to glorious stretches of white sand and family-friendly seaside resorts. And arguably the country’s best fish and chips.

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Along this 45-mile stretch of coastline, there are numerous Blue Flag beaches and big-time resorts. They don’t get much bigger than Scarborough – Britain’s ‘original’ resort, where seaside kitsch meets genteel Victorian spa. It’s a place with two personalities and two bays – the rocky South Bay and the award-winning North Bay with its wonderful sandy beach.

Other coastal highlights include historic Whitby and its ruined abbey, Robin Hood’s bay with tumbling cottages and miles of breathtaking scenery, and Flamborough Head – a stretch of lovely white cliffs teeming with bird life.

Of course, there’s more to discover in Britain’s biggest county than the seaside. There’s the fabulous shopping in Leeds and York’s cobbled streets, Viking history and towering Minster. There’s the dramatic North Yorkshire Moors and their ancient woodland. And, of course, the stunning Yorkshire Dales...359

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The Yorkshire coastline – rugged scenery and grand resorts

Sweeping stretches of sand, ancient forests, and moody moors – coastal Yorkshire is breathtakingly beautiful, dotted with much-loved resorts like Scarborough and Whitby.

Robin Hoods Bay village

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Our parks in Yorkshire

Blue Dolphin, Filey, North Yorkshire
Touring & camping icon Touring & camping facilities available

A lively resort on Yorkshire's seaside holiday coast with perhaps the most panoramic clifftop sea views of all perfect for camping in Yorkshire. The family will love this all-action Park where it's all go in the new improved pool complex and indoor SportsDrome or one of the many fun activities available. Or simply take a gentle stroll on the Cleveland Way coastal path beside the Park. Relax in your own way.

Primrose Valley, Filey, North Yorkshire
Touring & camping icon Touring & camping facilities available

Substantially developed in recent years to become Haven's flagship Park in the North, Primrose Valley's all-action facilities include a terrific multi-level pool complex and water fun area, two more pools, a boating lake, funfair, coarse fishing lake - there's even a climbing wall. If you and the kids simply want it all, here's the very best of everything.

Reighton Sands, Filey, North Yorkshire
Touring & camping icon Touring & camping facilities available

Reighton Sands' green and spacious clifftop areas are perfect for kite flying, family picnics or striding off towards Flamborough Head - the beach and sea stretching endlessly away into the distance. Enjoy an easy going pace, as well as the lively buzz of Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough.