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Our standard booking patterns are:

  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Friday for 3, 7, 10 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Saturday for 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are non-arrival days

Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.


Whether you’re under canvas, in a tourer or bringing a motorhome, there’s a wide choice of pitches to meet your individual needs. Let's help you find you a pitch that ticks all the boxes...

Just need a soft, grassy spot for your tent? Or do you need a TV connection so you don't fall behind on the soaps? We've got pitches to suit all your needs. And if you need extra space for an awning, a gazebo or a pup tent, we've got pitches for that too. In fact, however fundamental or grand your camping and touring accommodation is, we've got just the spot for you.

Basic or tent pitch

Both pitch types have grass bases. Tent pitches are solely for tents.

  • Parking next to pitch (at most parks)†

Electric pitch

Offers a variety of grass or concrete, gravel and reinforced grass** hard-standing bases with:

  • Electric hook-up
  • Parking next to the pitch†

Super electric pitch

Either grass or concrete hard-standing bases with connections for:

  • Drinking water
  • Electric hook-up
  • Waste water disposal
  • Parking next to the pitch†

Euro electric pitch

Concrete or reinforced grass** hard-standing base with a multi-connection turret providing:

  • TV point
  • Drinking water
  • Electric hook-up
  • Waste water disposal
  • Plus, parking next to the pitch†

Premier electric pitch

Concrete hard-standing base with 20% more space than a basic pitch and a personal multi-connection turret providing:

  • Drinking water
  • Electric hook-up
  • Waste water disposal
  • Plus, parking next to the pitch†

Extra information

  • Extra large pitches Basic, electric and super electric extra large pitches are available at selected parks for larger units. At certain times of the year more parks may welcome extra large units.

  • Awning space Availability varies by park and some pitches do not allow for awnings. There may be restrictions on sleeping in awnings and awnings with annexes. Please see individual park pages for more information.

  • Pup tents You can pitch a pup tent for two people within your pitch area for a supplement of just £3 per night. Available on selected parks and dates.

  • Pets Well behaved dogs are welcome on all our touring and camping parks (except Burnham-on-Sea) for only £1 per dog, per night, with a maximum of 2 dogs per booking.

Please note

** We use a number of different methods of grass reinforcement.

† Car parking is away from the pitch on some pitches at Perran Sands & Rockley Park.

Pitch bases are either grass or hard-standing. Hard-standing is mainly concrete, with some parks having gravel or reinforced grass.

As a general rule all pitches provide an ample area of 6x6 metres to include your tourer, motorhome, tent or trailer tent and where permitted gazebos, awnings and pup tents.