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See our standard booking patterns

Our standard booking patterns are:

  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Friday for 3, 7, 10 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Saturday for 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are non-arrival days

Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.

What's on at Littlesea


Let the good times roll

You can count on us to help keep your family entertained everyday of your holiday. When you arrive we’ll give you a guide to all the fun, family activities we’ll have on each morning, afternoon and evening. Our daily entertainment schedule includes morning and afternoon activities that are organised by our FunStars and members of the Seaside Squad. And at night our FunStars take to the stage to show their hidden talents – as glamorous live performers. Plus, we’ll be bringing you some extra special acts on selected dates through the summer!

It's showtime!

FunStar production shows

Whether you prefer a variety of rock or some cheesy pop, our FunStars will pull out all the stops to put on a musical production that’ll knock your socks off! Our FunStar production shows include:

  • NEW Girls on Film
  • Funstar RockStar
  • Live @
  • Project Talent

Entertainment guide

Our entertainment guide is here to help you plan the perfect seaside getaway. Whether it be planning breakfast with your favourite character, an afternoon splashing around in the pool or a night with the FunStars, it’s all here to see. Download our current entertainment guide for more information.

Character FunTime Shows

Our resident bunch of fun-loving, mischief-making, cuddly characters run some fabulous (and free) daytime and evening shows for you and your children to enjoy:

  • Seaside Squad Pop Concert
  • DJ Ned's Mash Up
  • Rory, Punch and Judy
  • Polly's Swim a Song

Star Performances

Over the summer holidays, on selected dates, we’ll be bringing you some extra special acts including:

  • TV Talent
  • Heatwave Live
  • Pop Academy Master Class
  • The Comedy House

Especially for Summer

Especially for summer we have an exciting line up of shows and entertainment that will keep the whole family smiling all holiday long:

  • Cinders - the new musical
  • Summer Mania Wrestling
  • Seaside Cirque
  • Haven's Talented Seaside

Games Galore

Everyone likes a good competition – so come and take part in one of our game shows or bingo for a chance to win some great prizes:

  • Rock and Roll Bingo
  • The Fame Game
  • Rock this Party
  • Cinemaniacs
  • Acceptable in the 80's