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Our standard booking patterns are:

  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Friday for 3, 7, 10 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Saturday for 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are non-arrival days

Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.

Spa, health and beauty
at Devon Cliffs

Devon Cliffs

head-to-toe pampering

Take some time out to indulge in our special relaxation and deep cleanse beauty treatments. Let us pamper you with professional massages and manicures in the Luxury Spa complex at Devon Cliffs, while the rest of the family enjoy the fantastic facilities available on park.

Our Luxury Spa offers a range of leading therapies and natural treatments all performed by fully qualified beauticians. Your body will be re-energised, reinvigorated and restored to new heights.
Outdoor pool at the Spa - Devon Cliffs Sauna at the Spa - Devon Cliffs

Relax and unwind

Spa experience

Enjoy a three hour spa and relaxation session for only £25. Our spa facilities include:

  • Outdoor spa with sun terrace
  • Indoor spa
  • Steam room and sauna 
  • Bucket splash
  • Gym
  • Luxury bathrobe and towel

Facial treatments

Our range of facial treatments gives you the ultimate aromatherapy experience, using the purest plant extracts and the finest 100% natural essential oils. There are facials to suit everyone:

  • Express elegance facial*
  • Essential elements prescriptive facial*
  • Youthful you anti-ageing facial*
  • Natural nourishment double mud facial*
  • Exquisite eyes*

Body treatments

Our luxurious body treatments utilise the natural power of mud, salt and seaweed to tone and firm the body, ease muscle tensions and deeply relax your body and mind. Our body treatments include:
  • Sculpted silhouette inchwrap treatment*
  • Marine miracle algimud body contouring treatment*
  • Infinite indulgence black mud envelopment*
  • Peace hot stones massage*

Contact us

We recommend booking your treatments prior to your holiday at Devon Cliffs to avoid disappointment:

Please note:

* Subject to a moderate extra charge