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See our standard booking patterns

Our standard booking patterns are:

  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Friday for 3, 7, 10 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Saturday for 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are non-arrival days

Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.

Partner with us

With over 40 years experience, 3 million holidaymakers each year and holiday home owners on each park, we can offer your organisation some great partnership opportunities.

Key opportunities to working with Haven holidays

We are not just looking for short term gains but our focus is to establish long term partnerships with key brands and companies where we can mutually benefit and in turn add value to our customers purchase or holiday experience.

Areas of opportunity to work with us are:

  • Mutually beneficial promotions - brands recognised by customers with a focus by either company to
    • Attract new customers (through low cost brand awareness)
    • Retain existing and encourage repeat purchases
  • Customer communication opportunities
    • Database
    • Websites
    • On resort
  • Employee benefits
    • Special offers exclusive to your employees when your company sign up

Contact us

If you are a company that has products or services which would enhance our joint businesses and guest experience then send us your details and as much information about your company and the opportunity to

Our Mission Statement

"Provide at our holiday resorts services and products which enable the maximum number of families to enjoy a holiday or holiday home ownership, in a safe, secure and appealing environment.

Identify and develop new services, facilities and locations to maintain and improve the attractions of our holiday resorts."

Lead its employees towards excellence, recognise achievement and provide opportunities to develop their careers.

Maintain the integrity of the company and its brands


Growing the profit of the company year by year to benefit:
- The guests with an experience they value
- The environment using only those resources appropriate to our task
- The employees with a fulfilling job
- The shareholders and bankers with a sustainable and secure return, commensurate with the risk
on their investment.