What's new for 2019

We're inviting you to come on a journey with us. Over the next few years, we're working to create our parks of the future, and in 2019, we've selected five of our holiday parks to kick off our adventure. We're building spectacular developments, wow-moment facilities, and the kind of activities that create memories to last a lifetime. 

We have new restaurants and leisure activities at Hafan y Môr; a brand new water park with flumes and slides at Seashore; a state-of-the-art garden atrium, new restaurants and a multi-level soft play area at Haggerston Castle; an Adventure Village and a Play Village at Craig Tara; and a Marina Bar and Stage venue at Hopton.

Hafan y Môr - new development

The Coast House bar and grill and cakery

Haven Holidays

The Coast House bar and grill and cakery opened at Hafan y Môr in April 2019. Check out our timelapse video of it all came together over 5 months of development.

Craig Tara - new development

The Lighthouse Harbour Adventure Village

Haven Holidays

Discover The Lighthouse Harbour Adventure Village development at Craig Tara, which opened in July 2019. See how our amazing new development all came together over 8 months in our timelapse video.

Seashore - new development

The Shore Water Park

Haven Holidays

Discover The Shore Water Park, which opened in April 2019. Built over 5 months you can watch how this amazing new facility came together in our timelapse video.

Hopton - new development

The Marina Lounge

Haven Holidays

After 4 months of development The Marina Lounge was finally ready to open its doors to our guests. Watch how it came together in our timelapse video.

Haggerston Castle - new development

Garden Atrium-style complex

Haven Holidays

Discover the brand-new garden atrium-style complex at Haggerston Castle which opened in May 2019. Watch how it all came together over 6 months of development in our timelapse video.

Park of the future

New developments for 2019

Haven Holidays

We're constantly striving to give our guests memories that last a lifetime at Haven, and at 5 of our parks we're building some stunning new developments to do exactly that. Watch behind the scenes to see how some of our fantastic new facilities were built.

*Artist's impressions and all the facilities and activities shown are subject to final approval and planning permission. Some of these activities have an extra charge.