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  • Group holidays and events

Charity funded breaks at Haven

We know that there are a number of families who need support with their holiday and look to charities to enable them to take that much needed break or provide carers to make their holiday as stress free as possible. We offer the perfect solution for charities and organisations that fund family holidays.

Individual family charity funded holidays

If you offer breaks to families but need to be able to book them individually, then our specialist team can help you. Once you have registered your charity with us we can look after all your bookings without having to re-register your charity with us each time. You may also qualify for a special charity discount; proof of charity will be required.

Need to book multiple accommodations?

We are perfect for charities that need to book multiple accommodations across dates or need to block book for one date. With national reach and a variety of accommodation options, we know we will be able to support your booking needs.

National charity organisations

We can offer specific administrative support and pricing options to charities or organisations that have upfront funding and need an annual agreement with which to satisfy their board or fundraisers.