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    • Haven caring for the environment

    Caring for the environment

    Please play on our grass

    Greener spaces make for better looking holiday snaps. We love green, natural space and fresh, clean air. That's why we're increasingly re-landscaping our parks with more open, grassy areas and trees. And don't forget that your family can also join our Wildlife Detectives sessions to learn more about local plants and wildlife. As proud members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the David Bellamy Nature Conservation Awards and the Wildlife Trust, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. During 2012, we reduced our carbon footprint by over 10% through energy efficiency measures and by installing cleaner and greener technologies. Because we want to help keep our surrounding beaches, woods and countryside as beautiful tomorrow as they are today.

    Eco highlights

    • Reduce, re-use, recycle initiatives are in place across all parks and head office
    • Water conservation - Toilet Hippos are just one of the ways we are reducing our water consumption on parks
    • We recycled the equivalent weight of over 200 double decker buses in 2011
    • The carbon emissions we saved last year are equivalent to planting nearly 2 million trees and a car travelling around the planet 2,040 times, a total of over 51 million miles

    Haven for wildlife

    Many of our parks are in areas designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or Special Areas of Conservation (SAC). 15 of our parks have direct responsibility for protected areas and all parks play a vital role in protecting and conserving British wildlife.

    15 nature reserves & 16 nature trails

    There are 15 nature reserves & 16 nature trails across our parks, all of which also have resident Park Rangers, ready to be your guide and wildlife expert - plus many beautiful coastal walks.

    Green tourism business scheme awards

    We’re particularly proud to work closely with the Green Tourism Business Scheme and the Wildlife Trust. And we’re always looking for things we can improve - such as giving our caravans better insulation to save energy. It all helps.

    David Bellamy conservation awards

    We have 35 David Bellamy Conservation awards. That means every park, with 33 Gold Awards, and 2 Silver, reinforcing our ongoing 12-year relationship with conservation of the environment.