Haven - Britain's favourite seaside holiday Star fishes

Character birthdays

At all Parks on selected 4 night midweek breaks, we've the perfect party time for families, with lots of fun, special celebrations and magical moments for little ones.

Meet the characters

Haven really wouldn’t be the same without its Character family. I'm sure you'll agree, they really make a holiday special for your little ones - whether they’re reading stories, involved in another exciting adventure or just making your photo memories special. Don't be shy, come over and introduce yourselves to them.


    DJ Ned

    “Get ready to rumble! I’m definitely the most fun-loving prankster in the gang. Some call me ‘naughty’ but I’m really all about enjoying the magical mayhem we like to get up to here...”

    Join Ned to celebrate his birthday over a 4 night midweek break: Monday 23 March - Friday 27 March


    Rory the Tiger

    “I’m the big guy that’s always (well nearly always) in charge. Of course, I’m a bit of a prankster and very cheeky but I love my friends - and always keen to make new ones!”

    Join Rory to celebrate his birthday over a 4 night midweek break: Monday 4 May - Friday 8 May


    Greedy the Gorilla

    “I might be a wee bit clumsy - but I’m bonkers about bananas and love to tell stories and play practical jokes with my pals! And did you know that I’m from bonny Scotland?”

    Join Greedy to celebrate his birthday over a 4 night midweek break: Monday 8 June - Friday 12 June



    “I’m everyone’s best friend. And I like to be the organiser of the gang too - keeping an eye on Greedy and Ned. But I’m not too bossy (honest!). And you’ll often find me in the kitchen, cooking up some tasty treats...”

    Join Polly to celebrate her birthday over a 4 night midweek break: Monday 29 June - Friday 3 July


    Anxious the Elephant

    “Sometimes I feel a little shy - but I always know my singing and dancing can really cheer people up! So I like to be around to help my friends have the most fun they possibly can...”

    Join Anxious to celebrate her birthday over a four night midweek break: Monday 28 September - Friday 2 October


    Bradley Bear

    “It’s my job to make sure the rest of the gang behaves themselves. And I love to have fun and entertain (especially at picnics!), too. Don’t tell the others but... I reckon I’m a hero bear and born to save the day!”

    Join Bradley to celebrate his birthday over a 4 night midweek break: Monday 12 October - Friday 16 October

    The birthday celebration party includes:

    • The birthday ceremony
    • Pass the parcel
    • Traditional party games
    • Character birthday show
    • Birthday character photo*
    • Dr Oetker sponsored cup cake decorating

    Plus all your holiday favourites

    * subject to a moderate extra charge