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  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
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Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.

Hi all, DJ Ned checking in ‘ere.

Shhh! I’m playing hide and seek with the FunStars and they haven’t found me yet...

They’re in a flurry that they won’t have a DJ in time for all the boys and girls tonight and Rory will have to do a rap!

Whilst we’re here, I’ll tell you a bit about what’s in store on the stage this season. I heard there are some new shows – Cinders and Clockwork – touring over the summer months. Cinders is a fresh take on the traditional Cinderella with some settings that might seem familiar... and Clockwork is an action packed show with illusions, acrobatics and lots of exciting costumes.

Did I mention our FunStars before? In case you haven’t been to Haven before, we have a group of entertainers on each park who sing, dance and tell jokes to our guests in the evenings. They also lead the FunStars Go Live shows, with interactive games and concerts for the kids. FunStars are also in charge of leading activities such as arts and crafts, Everybody Outdoors, sports days and character birthdays. They (try to) keep us lot in check!!

After all of the interactive evening shows and games, when you are curled up in your seats, Haven has star names to entertain you. With acts such as X Factor’s Danyl Johnson, Jamie Archer and Lucie Jones, you’ll be wowed!

We want to give you a chance to show us your talents too in Haven’s Talented Seaside, a talent show in which you can take to the stage with any weird and wonderful talents you have. We think you’re all little stars so get practising!

Oh no, FunStar Dave is coming! Quick, get out of here – see you again soon!496

Take a look at DJ Ned cam...

Take a look at what Ned's been filming this week and see the FunStars put through there paces at bootcamp! You'll see them learning the moves in dance training followed by singing. Do you think you have what it takes to become a FunStar with us one day?

Ned's top 10...

DJ Ned knows all about what's in store on stage this season, from our fabulous FunStar shows, interactive evening shows and games to the exciting touring acts we having across our parks! Click below to see Ned's top 10 favourite shows this summer.

Just for fun...

Download Ned's fun and free activity this week. Simply print it out and cut around Ned's face to make yourself a mask. You could even personalise it by adding your own decorations and colour!

Ned's Game - Name that tune

The whole family can get involved with Ned's game this week - Name that tune. Take it in turns to hum a familiar kids tune then everyone tries to guess the song. You can either do it by shouting out the answer first or all writing it down and seeing who gets the most points! You'll get 1 point for guessing the song and another point for guessing the artist or band.

The Seaside Squad Competition

You're so close! Download part 5 to the super special Seaside Squad activity poster. In the available space in this weeks part of the poster, add your favourite seaside family photo. Download the final part to the poster next week to complete it in full. Once you have put all the parts together, simply send us a picture of you with your giant poster to (and a little story about why you love Haven so much) and you'll be entered into our competiton - What are you waiting for?