Haven - Britain's favourite seaside holiday Star fishes

Plip, plop - but the fun won't stop

Grey clouds, a post of drizzle, cats and dogs...

Yes, even here at Haven it sometimes rains! It's part of the Great British summer. Luckily, there's always something to do at our all-weather fun parks - free entertainment on tap. We have indoor pools (heated of course) slides and SplashZones, most of which are naturally lit through a sunshine roof. Then there are our indoor SportsDromes, all-weather sports courts and covered archery lanes to help your kids let off steam.

Rain or shine holidays

Whatever mother nature decides the weather will be there is always something to do at Haven. So put on your macs, grab your brolly and head out of the caravan. We have loads of activities, facilities and entertainment that will keep you busy and dry:

  • Heated indoor pools with water activities
  • Kid's clubs in the dry and warmth of our ShowBars
  • All-weather sports courts and covered sports activities
  • Family entertainment - all indoors!

Sports activities

It’s not about winning or losing – it’s about playing the game, together. And keeping fit and healthy. We offer a great range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities and activities. From all-weather multi-sports courts, indoor SportsDromes and tennis courts to archery coaching, adventure golf and climbing walls - we have it covered, whether its rain or shine.

Water activities

You know you’re on holiday the moment you sink into that pool – but relaxation never lasts long with kids. That’s why we have the wettest and wildest water activities on tap. All our pools are heated - both indoor and out and patrolled by qualified lifeguards. Jump in!

Kids activities

Happy kids are busy kids – you don’t need us to tell you that. But don’t worry, we have plenty to occupy your tots and teens, from morning to night. Arts & crafts, circus school, party dance rehearsals and playgrounds and so much more, all make for a fun-filled holiday for children of every age and personality. Chances are they’ll sleep well too!

Leisure activities

OK, so you’ve put on your trainers, learnt a new skill, joined in the organised fun. How about making the most of your free time by playing your own family games? Our facilities on park are there for you to use whenever you fancy. It’s about family time, all the time.

Daytime & evening entertainment

We put real entertainment in the spotlight – to keep everyone smiling and happy from dawn to dusk...The stage is set for excitement. It doesn't matter whether you're eight or eighty... there's something for everyone in our entertainment programme. Because it’s all about enjoying yourselves as a family. Best of all, most of it’s included in your holiday price.