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See our standard booking patterns

Our standard booking patterns are:

  • Arrive on a Monday for 4, 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Friday for 3, 7, 10 and 14 night breaks
  • Arrive on a Saturday for 7 and 14 night breaks
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are non-arrival days

Our holiday season runs between March and November and therefore we cannot take bookings for holidays which fall outside of these dates.

Glamping Holidays in the UK

Sleeping beneath a canvas roof is something everyone should try at least once...

But if you have trouble telling your guy lines from your fly sheets, we have the solution. We offer glamping holidays in the UK and our pre-erected tents take the hard work out of camping. And with their lavish, electrical sockets, cookers, fridges and proper beds, our large and airy Safari Tents, Yurts, Supertents and Geo Domes represent the more glamorous side of camping. In fact, we like to call it glamping. All of our glamping options are available at Perran Sands and we also have Safari Tents at Burnham-on-Sea, offering you two of the best places to go glamping in the UK.


Accommodation Guarantee

It's very important that you're happy with your accommodation when you're on holiday. Please let us know if you aren't as soon as you arrive so we can try to resolve any issues for you. If you feel we've been unable to do so and you choose to go straight home, we'll offer you a full refund.

Please note:

Our Accommodation Guarantee: If the problem is with your accommodation (its condition or cleanliness, for example) and you're still unhappy after we've tried to put things right, you can leave on the first day of your holiday and we'll give you a full refund. Because we're so sure of the quality of our holiday homes, we guarantee our accommodation. But please let us try and sort it out first. Otherwise, we can't give you your money back.

We cannot guarantee pets have never been in your accommodation as we do accept registered assistance dogs in all of our holiday homes.